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Night Owls - Analysing the festival run (Year Two)

Hello, and welcome to part two of my blog posts about Night Owls' festival run. It's great to see how useful you guys found part one, and I've loved reading your comments. 

In the last blog post, I broke down the first year of Night Owls' festival run, which ran from approximately August 2015 to July 2016. That year, we planned our submission strategy (which included defining our USPs) and started targeting higher-tier festivals. This year started on a high, with an acceptance and screening at the BAFTA-Qualifying London Short Film Festival - a festival we LOVED attending - but the year ended on a low, with a lot of rejections for the film.

   So, how did we change our approach for the second year of the festival run? Well, a few filmmakers will back me up when I say that the second year of any festival run is SO much more fun than the first year. You don't need to think about premiere status (both world and regional), and you don't need to spend your money ta…

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