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Songbird Easter Eggs: 9 Things You Might Have Missed!

SPOILER WARNING - Watch the film before reading this post!

   By now, many of you will have seen Songbird - whether you caught it at festivals, ordered a copy via one of our two funding campaigns, bought a DVD or, most recently, watched it on Amazon Prime. Some of you have kindly told me that you've watched the film multiple times, and I'm really grateful for that. But there are some Easter Eggs in the film you may not have noticed, unless you are as geeky and meticulous as the filmmakers behind the project.

  When I came to make Songbird, I'd been chomping at the bit to make a straight fantasy for a long time, and so the film became full of inspirations from the other fantasy films that I love. The crew also had a lot of in-jokes, some of which had started on previous productions but rolled over onto Songbird, and a few of these were referenced in the film as well. The result of all these elements was a series of 'blink and you'll miss it' moments, which only th…

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