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The Summer Update 2020

Well, here we are - we are half way through the year, which means it's time for another one of my Summer updates, but I'm sorry to say that I'd like us to be further along the year than we are. 
   I'm not going to dwell too much on expectations for 2020 versus reality, partly because I can cover that in my end of year blog post; there is still six months left to go, and I cannot predict what will happen before the year is over. But yes, this year has so far been dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic, and as it is for everyone, my life definitely feels like it's changed as a result. That being said, I am well, my family and friends are well, and I still have much of my income, so I know that I am one of the lucky ones. I feel grateful every day for that, much as I'm desperate for the 'wheels' to start turning again.
   Before I talk too much about the current state of things, let's back-track a bit. Yes, I have been in self-isolation for over three mo…

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