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Archiving my blog posts

    I've been promising it for a little while now, but the time has come for me to finally archive all  the posts from this blog. It took me a while to go through all my various labels (I've come up with some silly ones over the years!), but hopefully they're all a bit more streamlined and easier to navigate now.    I'm not closing the blog down - not for the time being, anyway. It is a treasure trove of memories for me (even going through it and re-labeling everything made me very nostalgic and emotional!), and I think I've shared a few useful bits of advice over the past few years, so I think it would be good to keep the posts online.    But there are two good reasons to stop writing posts here. F irstly, this blog is another site I have to maintain, and although to begin with I thought it would be good to have multiple sites and send traffic back and forth between them, I think it would be better for my sanity if I had everything in one place. I definitely don

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