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Stories from the Set: Pandemic Special

[Above: me and my mask, at a safe distance from music video client, T.C. Cartwright]     My last blog post was written on the 1st of January. I was looking ahead to the year, hoping a few upcoming film shoots would go ahead, and I had cinema tickets booked to see Wonder Woman 1984  at a drive-in. Everything changed, again, only four days later. The UK went into Lockdown for the third time, and bar a couple of work journeys and food shops, I've barely left the desk in my home office ever since.     Sat here now, I am really missing being on set. Although filming has been allowed to continue through both of the last lockdowns, people have obviously been cautious about booking shoots in, and many locations remain closed. The majority of my work over the past twelve months has revolved around editing user-generated content (interviews shot on a webcam or recorded via Zoom, coupled with archive or stock footage), and while I don't resent this work at all - I am so thankful that my

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