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Stories from the Set: Lepidopterist (Part Two)

In the week since my last blog post, much has stayed the same; Lockdown is still mostly in place, in spite of people's growing frustration (mostly at the UK government, for not following their own guidelines) - but I have visited my family, travelling on foot and from a very safe distance, and I'm starting to think about ways to start filming again. These are two things which have raised my happiness levels massively, although I'm still reluctant to do anything too drastic. If it's safer for everyone to keep lockdown going another month, I'd accept that in a heartbeat. In addition, I've started contacting other filmmakers to ask them for advice, including some from other countries, and it's been so inspiring to hear their tips and insights.
  Also in the last week, the campaign to send my latest film Lepidopterist to festivals has passed the 50% mark. We've still got a long way to go, it has gone a little quiet, and there's less than a fortnight le…

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