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Growing Shadows: An Insider's Perspective

[Above: myself and Growing Shadows actor and co-producer, Robert Dukes, chatting off set - under the careful, time-keeping eyes of 1st AD Charlie Clarke! Photo by the AMAZING
Anna Lucia Sadler.]
    As many people do, I adore behind-the-scenes photographs - and I've been lucky to work with some of the best BTS photographers on my short film projects over the years. As a result, my hard drives are full of stunning images, capturing numerous memories, but doing so in a way that is beautiful enough to send to festivals or journalists. They're some of the best marketing materials a filmmaker can have, but do these glossy images capture the full truth of a shoot?  Shortly after finishing the fantasy film Songbird, I invited Production Assistant Steve Giller to share his ground level stories from the shoot, which I put together in a blog post along with some photos Steve had taken on his phone. The blog post spread a fresh light on a film which had already been talked about at length…

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