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Reflections & Resolutions 2020/2021

    Today is January 1st 2021, and as I'm writing this, everything feels very silent and still. It's like the world is waiting to exhale, leaving the previous year somewhat bruised, and cautious to see what happens next.    It's time for me to write my annual review of the year, and I'm doing so somewhat tentatively, as I don't want this blog post to be a negative one. Most of us didn't see 2020 coming - and the ones who did predict it were foolishly ignored until it was too late. It felt as though the world stopped turning overnight, and we were all united in that feeling. Almost everyone I know - particularly those who were born after the Second World War - would say that this was the worst year they ever lived through.    But here's the thing I can't get out of my head: if this was the worst year of our lives... then how lucky are we? How good must our lives have been before this year? There are people in the world who wake up to national crisis, war

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