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The Hallowe'en Playlist Part 1: Spooky, not Scary

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved Hallowe'en. I partly blame ITV's The Worst Witchfor making me want to dress up and buy plastic cauldrons and lanterns from Tesco, but do I still love those things, more than two decades later. It signals the start of what I like to call 'The Cosy Season'.

   However, I've never really liked horror films. I like fantasy, fables, witches and monsters - and I love a well-written ghost story, particularly at Christmas - but I've never actually been great at being scared. My palate has changed over time, and there are some horror films I will watch (particularly if they feature great production design), but there still needs to be an element of magic, a sense of escapism, in order for me to enjoy it.

   So, what films did this wuss watch over the Hallowe'en season in years past? Which films can you enjoy if you have similar delicate tastes, but still want to get into the holiday spirit? Well, I've made a list of my recom…

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