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Reflections & Resolutions 2019/2020

Looking back, 2019 was a year which felt unimportant at the time, but now feels like the turning point of something new (in no small part due to the anti-government, pro helping each other attitude a lot of people have after the last election). It's also one of those years which seemed to fly by really quickly, but on reflection, was chockablock with activity and adventures.

   It was a bumper year, with my schedule busier than ever - so much so that I missed the mid-year update I usually do in the summer. That means there's a lot to get through in this blog post, so let's get cracking. Without further ado, here was my 2019:

   I hit the ground running; I wasn't long back from my Christmas holidays when I started getting some phone calls from BBC Radio Derby, inviting me in for not one but two appearances (there would've been more, if my availability had been different). The first time I went in, on the Rachel New show, it was to talk about this year's BAFTA …

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