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Graduation: Ten Years Later

This month is turning into a busy one. I'm currently in pre-production on my first shoot since January (thanks, Covid-19!), as well as preparing for another virtual festival and panel appearance, amongst other bits and pieces, so I don't expect this blog post to be as long as my others. But last week marked ten years - a whole blooming decade - since I graduated from the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey, and I didn't want that milestone to pass without taking the time to reflect and share a few thoughts.
  I get asked about Film School a lot. Pretty much every time I do a public or online interview, people want my thoughts on whether or not Film School is 'worth it'; is it the only way 'in' for a filmmaker, or is practical experience more important? Over time, I have come to understand more about how the film industry works; it is about who you know, and what film credits you have, more than anything else, so on-set experience is definitel…

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