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Reflections & Resolutions 2021/2022

    Tomorrow is the first working day of 2022. January is looking set to be a busy one, so I'm taking a moment now to quietly look back on the year just gone. In some ways, it's going to be therapeutic to put this one to bed, but there are things to be grateful for as well. It was a milestone year in my life, for numerous reasons.    It's almost hard to believe that we started 2021 in another Lockdown. The second 'sequel' was undoubtedly the worst, as we'd lost the novelty of the first lockdown, and the weather was terrible. We had possibly the coldest Spring I've experienced, and I have a few photos of my partner Edward Harvey and I wrapped up in blankets during that time!     But throughout the first four months of the year, I was kept very busy and (luckily) almost distracted from pandemic updates, as we were packing to move house. We'd bought our first home, something we'd wanted for a long time. As I covered in my Summer update , we hadn't i

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