Sophie on: What Happened to her Office!

Hi Everybody,

Firstly, sorry that I haven't posted any blogs lately - casting is well and truly underway for both Jar of Angels and Wasteland so it's been busy but there's bound to be plenty to write about on the next update. Secondly, hello and a huge thankyou to my six new followers (Mike, Tommy, Steve, Cmore, Jack and Rosemary)!

The next post I did was supposed to be my first video blog (apparantly they're very much in vogue at the moment) and I had the costumes from Wasteland set up to be filmed and talked about. Then, at 6am last Friday (after I'd finally got to sleep for about ten minutes) there was a huge crash and my office was temporarily a trash heap! What happened is this: the large shelf above my mannequin which holds all my hardback film/costume books and folders basically came free from the wall and emptied its contents everywhere. Luckily my computer, sewing machine and camera equipment are all fine, and if I was sat there then I would have been (at best) concussed so the outcome could've been a lot worse. As it is, a lot of my books are bent or have holes in (alas, Ray Harryhausen, your book recieved the worst of the damage - please do not take this as a sign of disrespect because I adore your work!) and one of my posters is trashed. Also, a lot of my folders were broken so I have about five years worth of filing to do again, but I have no idea when that's going to happen.

So, no video blog until the studio is repaired. But I did manage to get a little lo-rez video of the damage (it may not look like much on screen - remember how I said cameras shrink things - but bare in mind that my office is pretty small so it's all proportionate):

To this day, no one is quite sure why the shelf decided to come free from the (brick) wall, but Light Films director Tom Wadlow (Captain Wadlow to me!) has the theory that our production - Wasteland - is cursed because a lot of odd things have been happening to us all lately. Let that be a lesson to all - if you want to make a bleak, semi-artistic post-apocalyptic horror movie with zombies in it, then please proceed with caution!


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