All the Different Ways to Follow my Work...

Hello everybody,

    And hello to my new followers, both future collaberators - Adam McCready, local based theatre/film sound guy, and Riccardo Servini, a london based filmmaker who's made a load of awesome films about clowns recently:


    With the filming of Wasteland well underway (and you know I'm going to keep you updated on that), I haven't got much to say today. But with my online personality growing all the time, I wanted to show you other places on the internet where you can find out more about me and my work. It's also interesting for me to look at the continued visual patterns I have linking most of these - and I definitely have Rei Bennet and her photography skills to thank for that.

    First up, I have a new logo. The amazing Samwise Haynes (long-time family friend and creator of recent Pepperami and Brother adverts, amongst others) designed a few different ones for me. I put them all on my Facebook page and people voted for their favourties. There was a top three, but this one came out head above the others:

    Which brings me to the first link. To see the other designs and to get regular updates on my work - including castings and crew vacancies - here is the Triskelle Pictures Facebook page for y'all to follow:

    Prefer Twitter to Facebook? Well, thanks to the pushing of Wasteland director Tom Wadlow, and writer Tommy Draper, you can also find me there:!/SophieBlackFilm

(My Twitter Profile - just so you know what it looks like!)

    For those of you who aren't into social networking, but still want to find out more about the films that I've worked on, or those which I am signed on to do, I have profiles on StarNow and FilmCrewPro amongst others. I regularly keep these updated.

    Or if you want my work to speak for myself - or simply prefer watching things to reading - then you can see my regular video diaries on my Youtube channel, or other short films/trailers/tidbits on Vimeo.
(My Youtube Channel - although I'm happy to say I have another video plus more subscriptions and LOTS more channel views since I took that screenshot!)

     And finally, I promise that I will have a proper website soon. I'm meeting with my PR girl, Stephanie Murphy, again soon, so we'll make a plan for it. In the meantime, you can get a rough idea of how it's going to look by seeing the screenshot I got of my first website attempt (and yes, it is in the wrong language. Which is why I wasn't able to finish it...):

    That's all I have to say for now - apart from a HUGE thankyou to everyone who donated to Stop/Eject recently. I'm happy to announce that we reached our funding total, and the shoot will go ahead later this year.

    Now I'm off to go and make more fake bean labels for the Wasteland shoot...

Sophie x


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