Stop/Eject hits the Internet!

Hello everybody,

   Less than a week since the Stop/Eject website went live, and it's already recieved a lot of hits. If you haven't checked it out yet, now is the time:

    And of course, with the website came the release that we've all been waiting for with baited breath - the first trailer! I think that Neil did a great job of the edit, and I'm loving all the comments that have been rolling in. Already people are comparing it to Amelie and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

   Not only is there the trailer, but this is also followed by a message from Neil himself (being the most enthusiastic I've seen him be) plus a hefty handful of behind-the-scenes snippets, to mark the start of our post-production funding campaign. You can see both the trailer and the new pitch video in one go - just look below:

   And as if that's not enough, in honour of our raising over £200 so quickly, I've also uploaded a little podcast from Shoot Day 6 (we were going to release Shoot Day 1 first but we smashed through our targets before that podcast was ready). The sixth filming day actually took place after the principle photography was over, so we were left with just the two actors (Georgina Sherrington & Oliver Park) and a skeleton crew, and the footage was captured on my stills camera.

   But it's a hilarious example of guerilla filmmaking at it's 'best', so we hope you enjoy watching the cast and crew getting soaked - as well as hearing Neil Oseman's interesting speech about ducks! Enjoy:

   There's plenty more podcasts to come (I should know, I'm currently ploughing through DVDs full of behind-the-scenes footage and editing the podcasts myself), but the only way you'll see them is if we raise more money in our post-production funding campaign. People assume that, just because a film's finished, no more money is needed, but that's not true. Just watch the new pitch video (on the end of the trailer) to see what's left to spend money on. One of these things, for example, is our premiere - those don't come for free - and I'm sure some of you would love to go to that. And if you want a DVD copy afterwards, then more costs are induced, such as buying the blank DVDs (and Blu-rays) and printing the covers.

   So, if you have a few pounds lying around, and you want to get Neil Oseman's beautiful little film released into the world (and recieve "absolutely loads of rewards" in Neil's own words) then hop on over to the website now.

Thanks guys!

Sophie x


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