7 Days to Go... Ashes Sound Design

Hey Guys,

   Well, one week to go and we've had a minor disaster. Along the way, myself and the crew have had a lot to face - a lack of funding, locations pulling out, crew changes - and I thought we were overdue for something else to happen, what with this last leg going so swimmingly.

   I was on location for Wasteland today, and the crew had to hop down from a 5-foot wall. When it came to my turn to jump, the lead actor (bless you Sham!) offered to help me down, but I was surrounded by fairly tall guys who all managed it fine, so I was determined to try it. Plus, being the oddball that I am, in my current 'sieze the day' mood, I declared that I wanted to "see what it felt like" and jumped.

   Famous last words, and all that.

   After being semi-carried back to the car, I've been to the doctors, and they've prescribed me some pain killers and a week of bed rest. Which will take us nicely into the Ashes shoot! Luckily I've now done all the things I need to do on foot, and I have my laptop with me (I'll even be appearing on tomorrow's Wasteland shoot via weblink) so it could be worse. I could've damaged my spine rather than just pulling a load of muscles and being unable to bend anywhere.

   So, time to introduce you to some more of the Ashes crew, and with a slight change to the scheduled blog, I'm going to tell you about our Sound Designers.

   I write a lot of my scripts to music, because it always helps to create a mood for me to work too, be it eerie, romantic, funny etc. So I know the power and importance of music in film, and that is perhaps one reason why the people designing the sound for Ashes are also composing the score. Therefore, rather than being separate sound FX and music, all the sound in Ashes will come as one great, all-inclusive package that will enhance the changing moods of the different scenes.

   What's particularly wonderful is that the two Sound Designers come from two different walks of life. Cmore Trix, a techno-whiz DJ and drummer (who composed the music for our Teaser Trailer based on my love of the Torchwood soundtrack, amongst other things) will be collaborating with the classically-trained Adam McCready, who designs 'soundscapes and effects' for professional Theatre and Radio Plays. They're both going to bring something completely unique to the mix, and I can't wait to hear the result!

Co-Composer Adam McCready at one of our sound meetings, earlier this year

    Due to the Olympics, which has a bad habit of stealing creative people, Adam's involvement will now be entirely during the post-production of Ashes. But I was able to catch up with Cmore to find out what he's looking forward to about the project.

    "I've been looking to branch out and work on music for film for a little while now, so when the opportunity to work on Ashes came up I was happy to get involved. After seeing the script and talking about the overall atmosphere of the piece I was totally sold.

    "My aim is to create a lot of the sound from the environmental noise and actors' dialogue so you should hopefully hear some unusual sounds that add to the feel of the film."

DJ Cmore Trix by Emmie Photography

   Right, I'm going to get back to work (and to resting my back, as well) - and if you want to know anything else about my musical inspirations for Ashes, I suggest you check out the song I wrote it to. On repeat:

Sophie x


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