Sophie On: The Triskelle Pictures Website!!

Hi Everyone,

   I can't believe it's nearly two years since I had my photoshoot with Rei Bennett. I was very happy with the results, and I've used them all the time as promo images, so they've served me well. But the point of that photoshoot - on an extremely windy February day in 2011 - was to create background images for my website.

  I started this blog after my first attempt at building a website failed (it ended up in Latin and I couldn't change it back), and I went through a handful of different website builders without anything to show for it. Then writer Tommy Draper introduced me to Wix a few months ago, and I've been playing with it in my random snippets of spare time ever since.

  Yesterday, finally, I made the finishing touches, purchased a domain name, and so now... drumroll please... here is my official website!

 I'm pretty happy with it (I may have hummed 'the most beautiful website in the world' to the tune of 'most beautiful girl in the world' a couple of times), although my style of doing things is never going to appeal to those with minimalist tastes. But I'm never going to say that it's finished - I expect it to expand and change, and grow, as I go along and work on more projects. The website at the moment stands as a testimony to here I am today, and I welcome people's feedback on that - typos have already been pointed out to me, and I've corrected them with thanks.

   The keen amongst you will have simply clicked on the link and found the website yourself. For everyone else, here is a little guided tour:

 1) Homepage

   News and updates, many of which will still link to this blog for more information. I was also lucky enough to have reviews written for me by Craig Luck, a previous director of mine, and Chris Laverty from Clothes on Film, which have made their way onto this page.

2) About

    Here's where I ramble on about myself in a bit of a 'luvvie' way, and the title of mini biography is somewhat misleading. But it gives a good overview of how I got to where I am today.

3) Fiction

   A breakdown of my producing/directing experience, including trailers of the most recent films, and a link to the Stop/Eject website.

4) Ashes

   A sub-page to the fiction one, but focusing purely on Ashes so that I have a link to put onto the press kits when we hit festival season. The trailer isn't on there yet (I'm still editing it) but it will be soon, and it's also a place where I can give shout-outs to the cast and crew.

5) Costumes

   Featuring photos of my most popular costumes and the advert Light Films Ltd created for me, but also glimpses of costumes made for some of my earlier film projects too.

6) Set Design

   In which I lay out my skills in Production Design and Art Direction (they are different!), but also showcasing some of my early work in Theatre Design, which I don't usually get to show people.

7) Non Fiction/ Corporate

   Not something I've had to do much of lately, but this page explains the corporate adverts/promotional videos I've created in the past, and also talks about my only documentary project to date, Margaret.

8) Weddings

   For those who do want me to film their wedding, this page explains my services and rates. But it also links you to people who do weddings as a day job, and can create something really slick.

9) Music Videos

    This is the least developed page, as it's an area of my career I want to expand more. For now it shows you a couple of my live recordings of great musicians.

10) Other Skills

   Every filmmaker has a wide repertoire of random skills, and I didn't want to keep creating pages. So here's a little breakdown of my 'side' skills - such as writing, editing, storyboarding and model making. I also do jewellery making and beading but that's linked to the Costume page.

11) Contact

   My contact details, and a picture of me in my favourite part of Belper. I hope I don't get any creepy phone calls after this, but that is the risk one has to run!
   So there we have it, one complete website for you all to enjoy. Unless you don't have a wide-screen computer. Sorry 4:3 crowd, I've catered to you in the past and upset those with modern tastes in the process. I'll make it up to you next time I shoot a Super-8 movie!

Sophie x


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