Life After Ashes

On the set of Ashes, nearly THREE YEARS ago! Photo credit: Jenna Cataldo.

Hey Guys,

   So, tomorrow is the big day. After a long and varied journey, Ashes is will finally be released online.

   When you sign up to make a short film (in this case, under 7 minutes) you don't realise how long a process it will be. We started pre-production on Ashes in 2011 (with the auditions in December of that year), shot the film in August 2012 (after a long funding process and difficulties with securing locations), and finished the edit in February 2013. Then we had two long years of supposed 'festival life', which ended this year with five screening credits to our name. That's why it's taken until now to get the film online.

   Everyone involved put a lot of hard work and some serious skills into the film - but that was nearly three years ago, and we've all moved onto different projects since then. Some of us have changed (or even started) our film careers, and others have had major life events. We're all a little older, some a little wiser, and one of us became a parent.

   You don't need me to go on about my life since Ashes. Regular readers will know that I made corporate film my day job and also pursued my next big film project, Night Owls. But what about the rest of the crew? Their careers are certainly worth celebrating too.

   Here's a few success stories from the core team, and what they've been up to since the last petal fell on Ashes...

Sarah Lamesch

   First up, our leading lady. Impossible as it seems to believe after seeing such a strong performance, Ashes was actually Sarah's first film role (although some films she shot afterwards were finished and released before Ashes was).

   Since then she's delivered some strong and graceful leading performances in beautifully moving films such as Dust & Waltz (shown above. The film was a finalist in the Reed Short Film Competition 2013), Once a Man and Voice, to name just three. Her career has certainly taken off in the last few years, and doesn't seem to be losing momentum any time soon. Sarah Lamesch is still one to watch.

Adam Lannon

  Our talented leading man already had a long list of film credits to his name when he joined the Ashes team, and he's continued to work steadily on some exciting projects. As well as a small role in Downton Abbey, he's taken the lead in films such as Red Letter, Accept and Tetro Rouge (the trailer for which is above), as well as working on an interesting, immersive theatre project called Time Run.

   But Adam's talents don't stop at acting. After working on Ashes, Adam directed another short film, Matter of Fact - which was shortlisted out of 148 Films within the Sci-Fi London 48hr Film Competition! Truly a versatile, busy man - and long may his success continue!

Christopher Newman


   And now onto the crew, starting with my trusty AD and colorist (and one of my co-editors). Chris already had a day job in corporate film when we made Ashes, but in 2014 he moved to a different company... and shortly afterwards became their head of video production! 

  In spite of his busy schedule, Chris still sometimes finds work in the fiction world. His first feature film as a DOP, colourist and editor, Wasteland (trailer above), was completed in 2013, and recently scored a distribution deal. He's also managed to be DOP for me three times since Ashes - on two music videos, and our recent short film The Dress.

Gina Hames

One of Gina's recent creations
   Ashes' costume and production designer, Gina, has gained more film credits since 2012 - including the pilot for Job Seekers, which she worked on as a costume assistant. But more importantly, Gina has since done an entire degree in Costume Design & Textiles at the University of Huddersfield (I know - it's crazy to think that Gina achieved so much with Ashes before she'd even left school!). 

   Through her time at University, Gina has developed some serious skills, not only in costume design and manufacture but in printing fabrics as well (an example of this is left). With beckoning talent such as this, I can't wait to see what comes next for Gina after she graduates!

   (Follow Gina on Pinterest to see what inspires her)

Neil Oseman


  And finally our cinematographer, left until last because what he's done since Ashes has, frankly, been epic. Neil had an impressive career before he appeared on my radar, but in the last two years he has left the corporate film world to work as a full time freelance DOP for fiction fims. 

   What's more, since 2013, Neil has done his most daring and exciting work since his 2005 feature Soul Searcher. He was the man behind the lens on not one but two series -swashbuckler The First Muskateer, due to be released the same time as Ashes, and fantasy saga Ren (trailer above). Both were intense but incredible-looking work for Neil, but he still found time to direct another short film, Amelia's Letter. And not forgetting a certain near-BAFTA acclaim this year for a certain film about time travel...


   I could rave on and on about the wonderful Ashes team and the great work they've done since. But I can't do that forever; sooner or later, we would come to the last blog about Ashes - and it seems as though this will be it. I still implore you to follow the work of everyone involved on the project; I have a feeling their best work is yet to come.

   And don't forget, tomorrow at 8pm on ReelHouse, you will finally be able to watch Ashes, and see  for yourselves what all the fuss is about. With at least £1 from every £3 rental fee going to worthy organisation (and Ashes supporters) Wan2Talk, you've got even more of an incentive to tune in and spread the word.

   I'll see you all at 8pm on 1st June for the big reveal.



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