Autumn Update 2015

Hey Guys,

   So, the first 'new' thing to talk about is this blog. As you can see, it's had a teeny bit of a facelift. I first started the blog as a placeholder before I had a website (purchasing software resulted in a website in Latin, and I dabbled with Wordpress for a while until the wonderfully easy Wix was invented), and since the release of, this blog has been a bit of an anomaly - and place for me to share thoughts about my work and such without a defined purpose.

  I often talk about my work out side of Triskelle Pictures on here, so it made sense to finally separate it as a standalone blog for my life as a whole, although I've had to keep the TP URL; a lot of you have kindly shared and embedded links to this site in the past, and I don't want to break any of those. And I will still share relevant posts with the TP Facebook page.

   So, without further ado, and moving forward with a refreshed blog, here's what I've been up to lately...

  The biggest news lately has been the success of Stop/Eject. After a surprising, disappointing slow start to it's festival run, our profile peaked with a screening at Raindance and a place on the BAFTA longlist. Things went quiet again until the end of summer, when we had a string of festival acceptances - Southampton International Film Festival, Fargo Fantastic Film Festival, Underground Film Festival, and The Shortish Cinema. Ashes also screened there, in the Short Cinema selection, and it was an honour to have the two projects side by side.

The Stop/Eject team on the 'red carpet' at the Shortish Cinema

   We've managed to get a brief cinema release - at Cambridge Arts Picturehouse and Belper's Ritz in October - and even had a bit of award success. Georgina Sherrington is (rightfully) nominated for Best Actress In A Short at Southampton International, and we WON Best Drama at Undergound Short Film Festival! We were over the moon with this news - as you can see in in our acceptance video for the latter win.

  Around this time, I also released the extended cut of The Dress - screening first at the Short Stack Female Filmmakers Special (reviewed here) before I put the film online. It's similar to the first cut, but I wanted to take the time to iron out the pace without a running length restriction, so there's some extended shots, plus some deleted shots. DOP Chris Newman recorded some beautiful slow-mo shots, but there wasn't time for them originally, so it's great to have them back. There's also a brand new score by my darling boy, Edward Harvey. You can watch it online here.

My living room, taken over by sewing!
  What else is new? Well, I've been pretty busy with design-based freelance jobs, with a time-consuming handful across August and September. Firstly, I helped out on the set of Poison Tree - one of the recent Creative England iShorts commissions. The film, directed by The Turrell Brothers and produced by Crybaby Studios, features one of the best scripts I've read in a while, and a great central character who is a mix between Wednesday Adams and an early 90s-era Winona Ryder. I really look forward to seeing the finished film at its upcoming premiere.

  Then, I went back to the heightened world of Live Action Role-play (affectionately known as LARP) by creating some more medieval style coats for a good, returning client. I got to work with lots of linen, which is wonderfully easy to sew, but it also meant punching in a heck load of eyelets, and my hands weren't grateful for that afterwards!

  This was followed with minimal breathing space by Crossing Paths, a new short film from BSquared productions. As costume designer and art director I got to explore visual vulnerability through lots of soft, grey layers (through which I discovered the term 'lagenlook') and a lot of glass on set. I'll try and do a detailed breakdown of the costumes and sets from Crossing Paths once the trailer or some more production stills have been released. For now, you can follow the film's progress on Facebook.

In '80s music video mode' on Crossing Paths. Photo by Ben Bloore. Watch the video here.

   And now, with these extra jobs completed, I can finally return my attention to Night Owls. The festival cut is finished and submitted to a few places already - the next job for myself and the crew is to finish the sound mix and grade on the extended cut, and create a behind-the-scenes documentary. Once these are done, we can send off for the DVDs - and we can finally have the cast, crew, funder and press screening.

  It won't be long until Night Owls as a project is properly completed, and I can't wait. Now I just need to get back to it, and get on with it. Watch this space.

  Oh, and of course, there will be a trailer released for it soon - I promise!


p.s. thankyou to everyone who has followed my blogger ramblings for over four years!


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