The Wasteland Script Read-through (and girls' costume fittings!)

Hi guys,

Things are a little crazy down my end right now so not a huge update today, but I thought I'd share the following photographs with you.

Last week, the soul cast for Wasteland (minus the legend that is Carl Bryan) met up for a read-through of the script with director Tom Wadlow and writer Tommy Draper. So I came along too and used the opportunity to get the female leads into their costumes - the girls' outfits have been finished and on display in my house for months now so I literally couldn't wait any longer!

Once the girls were dressed we decided that they might as well stay in costume for the read-through, so they did, and the result was pretty awesome. A fun, slightly silly evening was had by all and the script sounded really good read aloud as an ensemble piece.

Here are my photos from the evening - enjoy, and I'll chat to you all again soon!

Shameer Seepersand - Scott
Lucy Varney - Beth (in the white and brown)
Rachel Benson - Lolli (in the blue, purple and yellow)
Ed Nudd - Max

Sophie x


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