Stop/Eject - the mini-campaign!

Hey Guys,

    As regular readers of my blog will know, I love Stop/Eject - Neil Oseman's time-travelling fantasy drama, starring The Worst Witch's Georgina Sherrington, which I was lucky enough to produce/

   And it's not just me who loves it. We've built up a plethora of wonderful, supportive fans over the last couple of years - a mix of Neil's followers, Georgie's life-long fanbase, and film fans in general. And the question we get more than anything else is "when can we see it?"

The elusive Stop/Eject DVDs & Blu-rays
   As the film's still in it's two-year festival run, we can't usually let people see it. Neil's been busy submitting the film to festivals all round the world, and the crew's been crossing their fingers - and basically playing the waiting game. We want the film to reach the widest audience possible, which ironically means hiding it from the general public.

   But, as an independent film with limited budget - and with festival entry fees ranging between £15 and £50 a pop - we can't keep sending Stop/Eject out forever. That is, of course, unless we get more encouragement from the public - and more funds - to send the film to more festivals. And to keep the film on its journey for as long as possible.

   So, for a limited time only, we're offering the film to the public. Please note, Stop/Eject is not on general release (as this is forbidden by festivals who might want to screen the film), but rather that we have a very small number of copies - most of which are leftovers from our previous campaigns - which are available for private home viewing. So, we get more money for festival entry fees, and in return, you get to see the film - plus a multi-tude of interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and (shall we say) enlightening commentaries from myself, Neil and the cast.

  This is a two week campaign, and I'm posting this blog post on the final day of the campaign. If we'd needed the publicity boost, I would've posted this sooner - but, like I said, people love Stop/Eject, and people really want to see it. Which means that all our DVD copies we snapped up within just over 24 hours of the campaign going live. Our £400 target was reached, and smashed, a couple of days later. Shortly after that, our 'bumper packs' (featuring a blu-ray, press kit, tap cassette prop labelled by myself, and DVDs of Neil's previous films) were all claimed as well.

   We also had some good press, in the Belper News and on Midlands Movies as well.

   So, the point of this blog post - as well as giving you the opportunity to grab one of our four remaining blu-ray copies while you still can - is to say a great big, massive THANK YOU!

   Also, as usual with our campaigns, we've been releasing 'public rewards' throughout the campaign. And to make sure that you didn't miss any (or if you just want to watch any again), here they all are:

1) The Sneak Peak:

    This was released shortly after the campaign started, and I think it's an absolutely wonderful thing. Basically it's an extended version of the lovely trailer Neil edited and released back in 2012 - but this time featuring interview footage with Neil, Myself and the cast - plus sneaky previews of scenes from the film itself!

2) Budget Breakdown:

   Neil created this blog post for all the producers out there - and anyone interested in budgeting a film in general. It's a very detailed look at what we spent - and where we spent it - throughout the production. We released this when the new campaign raised over £500, which was an amazing thing indeed.

3) Production Design Featurette:

   This was my personal contribution to the campaign, featuring a new interview and a detailed look at the film's production design, all the way from script to screen. It includes sneaky glimpses at the film, and tons of behind-the-scenes footage. This footage ranges all the way from 2011 to today, and it made me very proud and slightly emotional to compile it all - and it was so much fun to see how mine (and Neil's) hair had changed over the years.

4) Stop/Eject, according to Therese:

   And finally, released today, is this little beauty. Neil interviewed actor Therese Collins (Alice the Shopkeeper in Stop/Eject) for the film's Making-Of documentary, Rewind & Play (which you can see if you purchase the blu-ray), and she gave him quite a few random, additional answers which he wasn't able to use at the time. But here they are now!
   We all love Therese. She kept us all laughing and smiling throughout the shoot, and it's lovely to give you guys an insight into her world.

   So, that's all the public rewards. I hope you enjoy them all. A million times thankyou again - on behalf of everyone on the Stop/Eject team - for your continued support. 

   If you want your very own copy of Stop/Eject (or if you want to stream a digital rental version) then head on over to our website now to be re-directed to the Kickstarter campaign. But you don't have long!

Sophie (and the Stop/Eject team!)


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